Liceo de Cagayan University celebrated the National Internationalization Day with two highly significant events – MOU signing between Liceo U represented by Dr. Alain Marc P. G

olez, University President, and Utah Valley University represented by Dr. Baldomero Lago, Chief International Officer, on April 27, 2023; and MOA signing between Liceo U and Goethe – Institut Philippinen represented by Mr. Jens Rösler, Head of the Language Department, on April 28, 2023.

During the signing ceremony that was attended by high-ranking officials of the University, Dr. Golez underscored in his message the importance of the academic partnership between Liceo U and Utah Valley University, a world-renowned university in Salt Lake Utah, U.S.A. The partnership allows for knowledge exchanges that will facilitate student and faculty development, leverage research capabilities, promote cross-cultural understanding, open access to a range of educational resources and programs, and prepare students for global work. The President also expressed his excitement to work with UVU and his confidence that the partnership will bring many fruitful initiatives that promote excellence in education.

On his part, Dr. Lago assured the University leadership that he would be the voice of Liceo U, encouraging deans, faculty, and students of UVU to engage in the collaborative efforts of the two institutions.

Liceo U and Goethe – Institut Philippinen have entered into their 12th year of agreement that grants students and faculty of the University access to scholarships for language learning in Germany to promote intercultural understanding. Only PASCH (Schools: Partners for the Future) schools in over 100 nations are given such scholarships. In the Philippines, Liceo U is one of the only three PASCH schools having special link with Germany.

The contingents of the Goethe – Institut Philippinen to the signing ceremony included Ms. Jeane Arroyo, Exam Coordinator; Ms. Jennifer Azores, Administrator of Language Programs; Ms. Aiza Andersen, German Language Specialist; and Ms. Antje Margarete Regber, German Language Specialist.

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By: Liceo Communications and Promotions