Academic Programs

The graduate of the Liceo de Cagayan University is a holistically developed person who embodies the University's core values of excellence, integrity, loyalty, discipline, and service. The Licean graduate is exemplary, upright, self-restrained, dedicated, and selfless.

Basic Education

The Basic Education Department, housed in two campuses, offers all levels of basic education (Pre-school, Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High). Home of champions in both academic and non-academic competitions at the national and international level, the department develops its learners’ competencies (cognitive, behavioral, and affective) for lifelong learning and post-secondary education through quality instruction anchored in TOTAL HUMAN FORMATION and the Licean core values.

Higher Education

The University’s higher education offers a wide array of academic programs in the different disciplines (Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Business Management and Accountancy, Health Allied, Education, and Information Technology). The higher education prepares its students for a thriving personal, social, and professional life through relevant and outcome-based curricula that develop 21st century skills and through dynamic instruction that engages students in research and bridges theory and practice by means of a strong internship program.

Post Graduate Studies

Lice de Cagayan university holds in high regard the continuing professional education of practitioners in different fields. Thus, the University offers various master’s and doctoral degree programs to further expand the knowledge and skills of practitioners and elevate their level of professionalism in their chosen specialization.

Home-Based Learning

Real-time Virtual Learning (Synchronous)

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Synchronized meetings through prescribed online platforms
  • Learning materials and modules to be accessed online
  • Virtual Laboratory *

Self-paced Learning (Asynchronous)

  • No/Limited Internet Connection
  • Access to learning materials and modules at your own availability
  • Provision of printed learning materials and modules for students with no internet connection
  • Virtual Laboratory *

Degree Match

Liceo de Cagayan University offers programs covering both undergraduate and postgraduate academic offerings. Find here the degree programs that match your chosen career opportunities.

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