Liceo U gets certified to ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Covering higher education programs in three campuses and research and extension and support offices, the certification attests to the University’s conformity to the international standard for quality management system, which ensures consistently efficient delivery of quality products and services. The certification also shows the University’s commitment to continual improvement in her operational processes to provide her stakeholders with excellent service.  

The University applied for ISO 9001 Certification in May this year and underwent through the two-stage audit process with the SOCOTEC Certification International (ISO 9001 Certification Body) in September. The University’s chief academic officers Dr. Zenaida G. Gersana (VPAA) and Dr. Denise O. Orong (AVPAA) led the team of academic and non-academic heads in the five-month arduous preparations for the certification. 

In his message during the closing meeting upon the completion of Stage 2 Audit, University President Dr. Alain Marc Pelaez Golez described the decision to pursue the ISO 9001:2015 Certification as “wise and significant” and expressed confidence in the University’s ability “to serve with more efficiency her various stakeholders” with the institutionalization of ISO-based quality management system. 

By: Liceo Communications and Promotions