College of Information Technology



Associate in Computer Technology

The Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) is a diploma program that provides students with the basic skills and knowledge required in the field of information technology.  The program prepares the students to work with advanced computer applications as support for offices and IT organizations with a TESDA NC II – Computer System Servicing. The Associate in Computer Technology is a ladderized program for Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and serves as a foundation for baccalaureate programs in computer science and information technology.

Bachelor of Library and Information Science‎

The Bachelor of Library and Information Science program produces globally competitive information professionals with competencies essential for the effective provision and delivery of library and information services. The program prepares students for the unique role of gathering, organizing, and coordinating access to the best information sources for the knowledge-based organization they belong to, implementing the standards for ethical and appropriate use of information. The program also trains students to harness a range of bibliographical and online tools to support teaching, research, and other services.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program prepares its graduates for work that addresses various user needs involving selection, development, application, integration, and management of computing technologies within an organization. The program covers courses that deal with hardware and software technologies and processes such as planning, installing, customizing, operating, managing and administering, and maintaining IT infrastructure.