College of Information Technology

College of Information Technology

Level II Second Re-accredited


The College of Information Technology produces globally competitive graduates in the fields of information technology imbued with the values of excellence, compassion, integrity, loyalty, discipline, and community service.


The College of Information Technology envisions itself as a leading Filipino IT program that produces globally competitive, compassionate, and committed men and women proficient in the use of state-of-the-art technology and ready to embrace the fast-changing technological development.


The College of Information Technology demonstrates its commitment to the core values espoused by the University and to excellence in IT education by:

  • Collaborating with the Commission on Higher Education and the community to support the three-fold function of the University (instruction, research, and service learning) for global integration and
  • Facilitating relevant programs for planning and development.


The College of Information Technology seeks to provide students with industry-driven IT program of global significance. 

Specifically, the College aims at:

  • Equipping students with technical skills aligned with world-standard programs, i.g. programming, web development, mobile application, system administration, and networking (gaming, multimedia, business analytics, graphics); and
  • Instilling in students a passion for excellence in information technology.

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