Engages the local, national, and global or international community through external and cultural programs that support her academic, research and extension, and service-learning thrusts.

The External and Cultural Affairs cluster aims for

  • appropriate visibility in all external relations in the aspects of academics, research and extension or social development, and culture;
  • stronger and sustained national and international cooperation, linkages, and partnerships;
  • appropriate and sustained culture and arts programs that foster appreciation, production, and values formation for sense of pride, identity, and respect for global cultures;
  • improved and sustained promotion and marketing strategies, and actions for enrollment and student retention;
  • standardized university branding, communication protocols, apt information dissemination, and documentation;
  • wider and sustained alumni affairs and programs that generate high sense of engagement and support to the university;
  • better venue operations and management;
  • better administration in the spirit of appreciated consultation, peaceful and harmonious communication, and essential collaborations; all in the spirit of clear expectations, responsibility, accountability, line of command and readiness to serve, and build good relations to others.

Liceo Internationalization Office

Liceo Internationalization Office enhances institutional visibility through international cooperation, linkages, networking, and partnerships. It exposes the faculty and the students to various international academic, research, and socio-cultural programs. It also benchmarks on international standards and practices of various disciplines as it best represents Liceo de Cagayan University and the globally empowered and competitive members of her community.


  • University Cooperation, Linkages, Networking and Partnerships
  • Foreign Government Support through the various Embassies;
  • Local and National Government and Government Agencies Support;
  • National and International Non-Government Organizations Support; and
  • Foreign Volunteers Program on Academic, Socio-Cultural Development, and Leadership.


Liceo Office of Cultural Affairs strategizes, manages, and implements cultural and artistic programs that are integrated into the academic formation, research, and service-learning frameworks of Liceo de Cagayan University. These cultural and artistic programs prepare each Licean to become a productive member of society.

Liceo Office of Cultural Affairs adheres to Total Human Formation through Culture and the Arts towards National Identity and Pride, and Respect for Global Cultures.

Liceo Office of Culture and Arts commits:

  1. To implement cultural and artistic programs for appreciation, awareness, sensitivity, and understanding;
  2. To recognize, equip and hone artistic and creative potentials and resources of Liceo de Cagayan University;
  3. To uphold national identity and pride by instilling Filipino Values, Heritage and History;
  4. To provide cultural and artistic experiences for integrated and holistic teaching-learning environment;
  5. To contribute to the learning competencies and knowledge generation of expertise through culture and arts research, training, documentation, community development, and extension;
  6. To create effective management policies, processes, and protocols for cultural affairs; and
  7. To sustain collaboration and partnerships with local, national, and international culture and arts institutions, government and non-government organizations.


  1. A deep sense of culture and art appreciation, awareness, sensitivity, and understanding demonstrated;
  2. Filipino values and respect for heritage, and global cultures instilled;
  3. High sense of national identity and pride as productive members of society expressed; and
  4. Current national and global trends on culture and arts knowledge, paradigms, networks, and linkages that are essential for Liceo U and the community sustained.


  1. Artistic Excellence
    1. Performing Arts Companies:
      1. Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe;
      2. Next Moves;
      3. G – Clef Musicale Society;
      4. Senior High School Glee Club;
      5. Liceo Theatre and Performing Arts;
    2. Liceo Literary Arts;
    3. Liceo Visual, Graphics and Design Arts;
    4. Liceo Film and New Media Arts; and
    5. Liceo Creative and Production Management Team
  2. Cultural Studies and Cultural Education
    1. Tuki Kultura – a lecture series on Filipino Culture and Traditional Arts
    2. Adelante Arts Forum – a forum on Contemporary Arts
    3. Mantukaw Mindanaw – an Indigenous People’s Month Celebration
    4. Graduate Diploma in Cultural Education
    5. Graduate Diploma in Teaching Arts
  3. Culture and Development
    1. PANDAY KULTURA - Culture and Arts for Community Development
    2. KINA-IYAHAN – Capacity Building Program on the Protection of Nature and Environment
    3. BANTAWAN MINDANAO - a Mindanao Week of Peace Celebration
  4. La Castilla
  5. Program Development, Marketing and Audience Development


  1. Production and Program Support Services
  2. Technical Support Services
  3. Ushering Services

Liceo Communications and Promotions

Liceo Communications and Promotions brands and promotes Liceo de Cagayan University to the community using advanced, creative and innovative strategies that bear appropriate content that are creatively produced and consistent to the university philosophy, goals and values.

Liceo Communications and Promotions is responsible for content development and production of multimedia campaign materials for student recruitment; production collaterals, marketing, publicity, promotion distribution and dissemination; and communication correspondences thru Liceo de Cagayan University’s official website, social media platforms, print, broadcast and other distribution mechanisms.


  • Promotional Campaign
    • Student Recruitment that uses effective marketing and promotions strategies and modalities; and
    • University Events and Programs;
  • Branding
    • The use of the University Seal and Logotypes guided by the policies and guidelines set; and
    • University image and brand of Service;
  • Apt Information Dissemination
    • Internal Communication and Correspondence;
    • External Communication and Correspondence; and
    • Media Relations
  • Collateral Preparation and Distribution
    • University Print and Digital Ads, Advisories and Announcements
  • Documentation
    • Photo, Audio-Video, and Annotation
    • News and Features


Liceo Venue Operations Office coordinates and manages the various venues located in the university main campus, Rodolfo N Pelaez campus, and Paseo del Rio campus. It is responsible for the booking, scheduling, and monitoring of use. It coordinates for and provides the technical, maintenance, security and safety, and custodial or janitorial services.


    • Rodelsa Hall
    • Liceo Civic Center
    • Audio Visual Room (AVR) 1
    • Audio Visual Room (AVR) 3
    • Audio Visual Rooms in RNP and PDR Campuses
    • Covered Courts in the RNP Campus

    Liceo Internationalization Office

    Liceo Internationalization Office