Student Affairs

The Office of the Student Affairs serves as the link or conduit between and among the students, administration, and faculty of the college department in so far as co-curricular, extracurricular, and other student services are concerned. It implements the rules and regulations, policies, and procedures of the school as related to the specific provisions found in the Student Handbook.


Student Affairs

The Liceo de Cagayan University Office of Student Affairs (OSA) functions within the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). It is given the responsibility and the latitude to ensure that daily interactions are peaceful and productive for every student. It upholds and administers the rules for behavior, possesses oversight for judging infractions, coordinates with campus law enforcement officers, organizes community activities, plans extra and intramural sporting activities, and more. Maintaining an active, harmonious, and beneficial learning and living environment for students is one of its primary functions. 

Specifically, the Office of Student Affairs ensures that:

  • adequate physical facilities, equipment, and materials are provided for student activities;
  • services and activity objectives are translated into achievable goals;
  • policies and procedures reflect the University’s philosophy and objectives;
  • the Office is represented in the formulation and revision of policies and guidelines that affect the Student Affairs program; and
  • Services and activities are recognized and supported by the administration.

Student Discipline

The University spouses a Code of Conduct that provides a structure of the policies and procedures anchored in the principle of total human formation. It endeavors to improve students’ character, to instill in them a sense of values, and to foster an environment conducive to students’ learning and personal growth.

The Office of the Prefect of Discipline assist students on matters pertaining to student discipline as defined by the University's vision, mission, goals, and core values. The Office oversees the implementation of school policies student conduct and ethics.

Upon enrollment, student and their parents/guardians signify their intent accept and abide by the policies of the University.

Sports and Athletics

Sports and athletics in school are valuable for they are powerful tools that bridge gaps, promote a healthy lifestyle, and increase interaction among students.

The University has a Sports and Athletics Office responsible for supporting the various departments in the conduct of sport-related activities and for taking a leadership role during university-wide sporting events (i.e., Intramurals/University Games) and athletic meets.

In its effort to establish a strong athletic program, the University grants non-academic scholarships to deserving student-athletes. 


The University operates canteens in all of its campuses. The canteens provide the school community with food services that meet government standards for food preparation, storage, hygiene, and safety.

Student Organizations

The University accredits and supports organizations/clubs to provide students with opportunities to engage, learn, and lead, thus allowing them to pursue their interests with other students and developing their leadership and organizational skills as well.

Each College has its Student Body Organization (SBO), which is the highest governing student body to which all sub-organizations of the college must submit. Each sub-organization is given representation to the SBO.