School of Teacher Education


Bachelor of Early Childhood Education


Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd)

Graduates of the program will be able to: 

  1. Teach in the Elementary Grades throughout the many learning areas
  2. Participate in a variety of training, seminars, workshops, and other professional development events
  3. Conduct action research to address challenges and concerns encountered in school settings.
  4. Utilize evidence-based decision-making to enhance educational practices by analyzing assessment data.
  5. Demonstrate Licean-like professionalism, integrity, and ideals.

Bachelor of Physical Education (BPEd)


Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies, English, Math, Sciences, Filipinos.

The School of Teacher Education aims at producing Bachelor in Secondary Education graduates who are able to: 

  1. Teach across the different learning areas in the Elementary Grades;
  2. Engage in activities for professional enhancement; 
  3. Conduct action research that will address issues in education;  
  4. Practice evidence-based decision-making to improve educational practices; and 
  5. Exhibit professional and ethical behavior in the practice of the profession.

Bachelor of Special Needs Education (Generalist)