College of Nursing


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

After four years, graduates will be employed in the workplace as researchers, nurse practitioners, and nurse managers/leaders. They must be able to:

  • In the practice of nursing, apply knowledge of physical, social, natural, and health sciences.
  • Utilize the nursing process to provide safe, high-quality, and comprehensive care to people, families, demographic groups, and communities.
  • In the delivery of care, adhere to rules and principles of evidence-based practice.
  • Adhere to existing laws, legal, ethical, and moral standards when practicing nursing.
  • Effectively communicate using culturally appropriate language, whether speaking, writing, or presenting.
  • Wholly and accurately report/document client care.
  • Effectively collaborate with cross-disciplinary, intra-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, and multi-cultural teams.
  • Develop essential management and leadership skills by using a systems approach to client care.
  • Conduct a study with the assistance of a knowledgeable researcher.
  • Engage in lifelong learning with love for staying current on national and global issues in general and nursing and health issues in particular.
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship and a sense of pride in the Filipino heritage.
  • Utilize technologically sophisticated care systems and processes in the delivery of health care.
  • Maintain the nursing profession's essential values in practice.
  • Entrepreneurial skills should be incorporated into the delivery of nursing care.
  • In nursing practice, apply the Licean approach to healthcare delivery.