College of Medical Laboratory Science



Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (BSMT/BSMLS) ‎

Medical Technology Education / Medical Laboratory Science Education seeks to establish a strong foundation in Medical Laboratory Science and to make it responsive to the demand for paramedical personnel highly skilled in the use of innovative medical technologies. A vital component of the program is clinical laboratory testing, which is crucial in the detection, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. Other essential components of the program are instruction, clinical laboratory internship, and specialized training. 

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is a four-year degree that combines general education and professional education courses. In the second semester of the fourth-year level, students have their six-month internship in a recognized training laboratory with rotational responsibilities in different sections.


BSMLS graduates may pursue a career in the field as:

  • Licensed Medical Technologist / Medical Laboratory Scientists
  • Diagnostic Molecular Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Educator
  • Diagnostic Product Specialist
  • Public Health Practitioner
  • Healthcare Leader

An MT / MLS graduate may practice in any of the following fields:

  • Public Health / Epidemiology
  • Veterinary Laboratory Science
  • Molecular Biology / Biology
  • Nuclear Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Health Administration / Management
  • Food and Industrial Microbiology