College of Criminal Justice



Bachelor of Science in Criminology‎

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CRIMINOLOGY (B.S.CRIM) is a four-year degree program that studies crime and various agencies of justice as they operate and react to crime, criminals, and victims. It is, therefore, the mission of the CRIMINOLOGY PROGRAM to provide the community with professionally competent and morally upright graduates capable of providing efficient and effective services in crime prevention, crime detection and investigation, law enforcement, and rehabilitation, among others.



A criminologist has the following job opportunities at/as:

  1. Armed Forces of the Philippines
  2. Aviation Transport Security
  3. Bank Credit Investigator
  4. Bureau of Air Transportation Security Officer
  5. Bureau of Fire Protection
  6. Bureau of Jail Management and Penology
  7. Bureau of Corrections
  8. Central Bank Security Force and Investigation
  9. Commission on Human Rights Officer
  10. Computer Crime Investigator
  11. Crime Laboratory Technician
  12. Customs Police
  13. Department of Finance Investigation Division
  14. Department of Foreign Affairs Investigation Division
  15. Department of Justice
  16. Immigration and Naturalization Office
  17. Instructor in Training School
  18. Intelligence Community (NICA, CIDG, MIG)
  19. Investigator in Private Entities
  20. Investigator in Government Entities
  21. Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board
  22. Land Transportation Investigation Office
  23. Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA)
  24. National Bureau of Investigation
  25. National Intelligence Coordinating Authority
  26. Philippine Coast Guard
  27. Philippine Maritime Police
  28. Bank Document Examiner
  29. Private Investigator
  30. Coastal Police Officer
  31. DENR Investigator
  32. Philippine National Police Officer
  33. Philippine Port Authority Security Officer
  34. Private Detective Agency Security Director
  35. Probation Officer
  36. Professor in Criminology Schools
  37. Philippine Public Safety Instructor
  38. Security Director
  39. Security Supervisor
  40. Security Administrator
  41. Security Investigator
  42. Sheriff of the Regional Trial Court
  43. Sheriff of the Department of Labor
  44. Security Director in International Airport
  45. Airlines Security Officer
  46. Shipping Lines Security Director
  47. Railways Security Investigator
  48. Private Security Training School
  49. International Airport Investigator
  50. Commission on Elections
  51. Signature Verifier
  52. Traffic Enforcer
  53. Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)
  54. Security Marshall
  55. Security Consultant
  56. Parole Officer
  57. Provincial Warden
  58. Court Sheriff
  59. National Penitentiary Superintendent
  60. Plantation Security Officer
  61. Embassy Police Investigator
  62. FBI/ CIA Agent
  63. International Red Cross Investigator
  64. Boarder Patrol Officer
  65. Private Detective Investigator