Research, Extension, Planning and Innovation


Aligns the threefold functions of the University — Research, Extension, and Instruction. In the University, research is the fundamental driver of the academic processes. It believes that knowledge liberates people from the bondage of ignorance and poverty. As a constructive action of the University, knowledge creation focuses on worldwide issues affecting our country and on those local to the University’s target communities. 


A leader in quality and sustainable research, community involvement, planning, and innovation.


The OVPREPI commits to engender research culture and community engagement through dynamic and innovative ways for sustainable development.


Empower and engage students, faculty, and staff in leading quality research and sustainable community service.


Guided by the University’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives anchored in the core values of Integrity, Excellence, and Service, the OVPREPI is committed to:

  • Enhance knowledge creation through sustainable research and development thrusts;
  • Strengthen university-community relationships through real-life reflective experience and reciprocity in service-learning;
  • Foster innovative and realistic strategies to respond to institutional and societal needs; andassist the various academic programs with their service-learning and civic engagement activities by providing relevant information such as on placement;
  • Uphold the highest ethical standards in research.