Conservatory of Music, Theater and Dance

Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelor of Music Program must be able to:

  1. Demonstrate technical proficiency in at least one instrument and/or voice.

  2. Exhibit a high level of musicianship in terms of musical and stylistic interpretation.

  3. Demonstrate thorough knowledge of music history.

  4. Demonstrate an advanced level of aural discrimination and sight-reading skills.

  5. Demonstrate keyboard skills needed in their areas of specialty.

  6. Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of techniques/strategies/pedagogies/materials used in the professional setting of their areas of specialization: performance, music therapy, music education, and general music.   

  7. Exhibit knowledge of technology and its application to learning, research, and workplaces.

  8. Manifest ability to gather, process, and apply data related to their studies and future professions.

  9. Establish an understanding of the possible impact of their personal conduct and their future profession on the socio-economic, ethnic, and diverse makeup of the populations with which they may work.

  10. Demonstrate strategies for integrating music with other disciplines.

  11. Exhibit commitment to continuous growth and development as a musician and as a human being.

  12. Engage in professional associations and volunteer for a leadership position.