Hybrid Learning Experience

Home-Based Learning: Innovative Approaches

Real-time Virtual Learning (Synchronous)

  • Reliable Internet Connection
  • Synchronized meetings through prescribed online platforms
  • Learning materials and modules to be accessed online
  • Virtual Laboratory *

Self-paced Learning (Asynchronous)

  • No/Limited Internet Connection
  • Access to learning materials and modules at your own availability
  • Provision of printed learning materials and modules for students with no internet connection
  • Virtual Laboratory *

* Subjects with Laboratory classes may require Delayed Laboratory Return Demonstration.

Teaching Modalities


Material Flexibility

Learner - Material Flexibility

The University adopts Flexible Learning where students can learn in both online and face-to-face interaction. With these approaches, learners can work at their own pace within a given framework using online and offline activities accessible to personal computers or smartphones. Those who have limited online access may also retrieve files with a flash drive or make use of printed modules prepared by their respective departments.

Online Teaching

Trained Experts in Online Teaching

To stay current with the advancements in online instruction and the latest educational technologies, the University faculty participate in ongoing professional development. Teachers lead classes with more effective and innovative online teaching methods that cater to 21st-century learning skills.

Educational Technology Center

Educational Technology Center

The Liceo Educational Technology Center ensures access to and proficiency in technology for creative integration to enhance the delivery of instruction and to reinforce educational needs. The center also offers skills-based and curriculum-integrated professional development opportunities. It provides software and tools that are current and necessary for 21st-century education.

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Learner Support

Learner Support

The University Learner-Support Services proactively address the unique demands of online learning. The University provides online personal counseling with peer-to-peer support, health and wellness, spiritual, legal, and ethical services, online libraries, bookstore services, technical support, and online academic mentoring and advising.