School of Teacher Education

School of Teacher Education

Level II Re-Accredited


The School of Teacher Education produces highly competent teachers through quality teaching, research and service for global and lifelong learning.


The School of Teacher Education envisions itself as a leading Teacher Education institution in forming global teaching practitioners through excellent education anchored in total human formation for God, country, and humanity.


The School of Teacher Education is committed to the production of highly competent and professional teachers through quality teaching, research, and service for global and lifelong learning.


The School of Teacher Education aims at producing graduates who are globally responsible teachers imbued with the following attributes:


Possess high-level efficiency, leadership, and management skills through continuous innovations and lifelong learning.


Live a life of exceptional uprightness by exercising decisions/judgments that are morally, spiritually, and legally grounded.


Manifest a sense of faithfulness to her Alma Mater, country, and God.


Exhibit a high degree of professionalism and good disposition in life.


Serve others in improving the quality of the global community and in stewardship of God’s creation.

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