College of Arts and Science

College of Arts and Science

Level IV Re-accredited Level IV Accredited Level III Re-accredited


The College of Arts Sciences is a significant, multifaceted, and well-grounded academic unit of the University that offers general education courses as well as degree courses in Biology, Communication, Economics, English Literature, International Studies, Library Information Science, Performing Arts, Political Science, and Psychology.


The College of Arts and Sciences envisions itself as a topnotch academic unit of the University that offers excellent general education and professional courses and produces thoughtful professionals.


The College of Arts and Sciences commits to the provision of quality learning milieu that instills in its students the core values espoused by the University, advances the noble aims of the general courses and the liberal arts program, and facilitates the formation of responsible, professional, and ethical graduates for productive citizenship.


The College of Arts and Sciences endeavors to:

  • Provide educational plan, activities, and instruments that will develop the students’ :
  1. Written and oral communication skills in English and other languages;
  2. Mathematical reasoning and skills; 
  3. Research skills and computer literacy;
  4. Knowledge  on political, economic, cultural, geographic, and technological phenomena and changes;
  5. Knowledge on the behavioral and natural sciences;
  6. Knowledge and appreciation of culture, arts, and the humanities;
  7. Knowledge on the value of health, citizenship, and care for the environment; and
  8. Knowledge on self-awareness, personal responsibility, human relations, morality and ethics;
  • Promote critical thinking, creativity, and sense of responsibility for a more in-depth understanding of the changing society;
  • Encourage community-based research studies for instructional innovations and social development;
  • Impart potentials, abilities, and resources through self-reliant activities in the community extension programs;
  • Establish close interaction between the College and the industries for research, training, job placements, and other support programs;
  • Facilitate faculty and student engagement in creative and scholarly activities in collaboration with local, regional, national, and international entities;
  • Facilitate civic and educational partnerships with government and non-government institutions;
  • Provide fertile opportunities for the conduct of scientific inquires;
  • Develop contemporary leadership skills in evaluating problem-solving, planning, and decision-making for national and global economic development;

  • Develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills anchored in multicultural awareness and sensitivity, professionalism, commitment, adaptability, self-confidence, and positive attitude; and
  • Develop multifaceted character that exemplifies the Liceo University core values of excellence, integrity, loyalty, discipline, and service for God, country, and humanity. 

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