Student Personnel Services


The Student Personnel Services is primarily concerned with four major aspects in the University. These are Student Welfare, Student Activity, Student Decorum / Control and Promotion & Student Recruitment Office . The Office serves as the link or conduit between and among the students, administration, and faculty of the college department in so far as co-curricular, extra-curricular, and other student services are concerned. It is the main implementor of rules and regulations, policies and procedures of the school as related to the specific provisions found in the Student Handbook.


  • To inform students and the surrounding communities of the current activities, programs and projects launched by the UNIVERSITY.
  • To assist students through various academic and non-academic programs, thus enhancing their mental, physical, social and spiritual developments.
  • To formulate admission policies for the proper selection and classification of students applicants in the different courses.
  • To give a proper venue for the orientation of new students as to the mission, goals and objectives, rules and regulations, use of facilities and function of the different offices of the institution.
  • To assist in the selection of students eligible for financial assistance and other awards.
  • To coordinate with the guidance office in the promotion of students activities and in the monitoring of students problems and the formulation of corresponding solutions to said problems.
  • To assist in the extension of quality health and food services
  • To establish linkage with the different colleges of the university in the planning and execution of curricular and co-curricular activities for the students.
  • To assist students in their desire to help develop themselves through participating with their student body organization activities.





Student Affairs Services

  • Institutional Trainings and Programs for Student Leaders Formation

    Scholarships and Financial Assistance
    Non-Academic Scholarships Offered
    1. Student Assistants
    2. Student Police Guard
    3. Folkloric Dance Troupe
    4. University Band
    5. Varsity Scholars
    1. Drum and Bugle
    2. AFP/PNP
    3. Technical Assistants
    4. Next Moves Dance Company

  • University Co-curricular Activities