Liceo de Cagayan University is an opportunity, a discovery, an experience.

While education is available to everyone in other schools and all other learning institutions, Liceo U provides the Liceans with an opportunity for effective training to achieve academic excellence. As  a premier institution of higher learning, Liceo U leads them to a discovery of their own potentials honed toward quality education. Liceo U affords them a meaningful experience of the many wonders of academic learning geared toward total human formation.

Student life in the University is a holistic experience.


With the University’s commitment to academic excellence, quality instruction is ensured through the employment of different teaching strategies. The students learn through group dynamics, role plays, simulations, recitations, and paper presentations, among countless other experiential activities. To ensure a balance between theory and practice, they are likewise exposed to on-and off-campus on-the-job training and other support activities such as educational tours and seminar-workshops.

Co-and-Extra-Curricular Activities

Classroom learning is strengthened through the students’ exposure in literary, cultural, and performing arts presentations. Aside from their participation in various sports activities, they also have options to involve themselves in different resident organizations such as the Folkloric Dance Troupe, G-Clef Musicale Society, Rodelsa Repertory, The Licean Psyche, and other campus-based academic, leadership, civic, and spiritual organizations.


To further reinforce instruction and install an institutionalized culture of research, students are exposed to the basics of research not only as a curricular requisite but also as a training ground for graduate education and other advanced studies.

Community Extension

Not only are the students active in various academic exercise, they are also dynamic in the University’s community program. In their humble efforts to enhance the quality of life, they involve themselves in social, educational, livelihood, sanitation, literacy, and environmental programs, among others.


With the students’ holistic training, their potentials are honed and tapped to the fullest so as to bring out the best in them. While they excel in their academics, they also standout in co- and extra-curricular activities, be they on- or off-campus. As an offshoot of their quality training, they earn accolades in various leadership training conventions for students and even notch top places in licensure exams. equipped with quality education and unceasingly striving toward “total human formation,” they are ready to pursue professional careers and become productive members of the society.