The Office of the Vice President for Research, Publication and Extension has been set up to more closely align the threefold functions of the University — Research and Extension and Instruction. In the University, research is the fundamental driver of the academic processes imbued with the belief that knowledge liberates people from the bondage of ignorance and poverty. As a constructive action of the University, knowledge creation shall be focused both on world-wide issues affecting our country as well as on those that are local to the University’s target communities. This considers the growing interest in higher education in civic engagement and service learning as forms of extension services.


The Office of the Vice President for Research, Publication, and Extension is committed to develop a relevant, focused, and result-oriented research and extension program to empower the stakeholders for ASEAN and global competitiveness.


The Office is committed to institutionalize and sustain research and community extension as a major undertaking of the University through dynamic and innovative research processes and programs that shall contribute to sustainable development of target communities.


To facilitate and develop both knowledge and community-based researches and the dissemination and implementation of the research outputs, the OVRPE shall aim to produce, disseminate, and publish quality research outputs and implement sustainable community extension programs through the voluntary participation of faculty, personnel, and students


The Office of the Vice President for Research, Publication, and Extension endeavors to:

Consequently, the Office of the Vice President for Research, Publication, and Extension endeavors to:

  1. provide database to the University for decision-making, policy formulation, and development plans;
  2. plan, direct, supervise, and monitor research and extension activities of the University;
  3. assist the various academic programs with their service-learning and civic engagement activities by providing relevant information such as on placement;
  4. establish linkages with industries and other agencies for the purpose of identifying their research and community priority areas;
  5. plan and implement programs directed towards the continuing development of faculty, personnel, and students competencies for meaningful research and extension engagement;
  6. coordinate and synchronize research and extension activities of the various departments of the University to avoid wasteful duplications;
  7. publish research and extension outputs in the University’s research journals and other national and international peer-reviewed journals; and
  8. disseminate research outputs through professional research forums, colloquia, and community forums for policy formulation.


Organizational Chart

ovrpe chart - 7.10.2017_001