Liceo U lauds her new Doctor in Management

March 29, 2017

By: Lancer M. Asino

DSC_2915The School of Graduate Studies hailed Mr. Edzen A. Espina as the first Doctor in Management in Healthcare Administration after completing his dissertation defense last March 21, this year.

 Mr. Espina, whose research entitled “Radioprotective of Moringa Oleifera Methanolic Leaf Extracts to the Irradiated Webster White Mice (Mus Musculus) Linn.”, was graded the highest in the history of the Graduate Studies. This is according to his adviser Dr. Lesley C. Lubos, Vice President for Research, Publication, and Extension.

 In an interview, Mr. Espina highlighted the significance of research in terms of identifying possible solutions to avert the detrimental effects of radiation in human health.

 He explained that, “With the advancement of technology, everyone is at risk of radiation. We know that radiation has deterministic and non-deterministic effects. I am very much concerned about the non-deterministic because it creates free-radicals which are harmful.”

 “The anti-oxidant component found in malunggay (moringa oleifera), which is abundant in the Philippines, was known to have ‘radiation-protective’ component. Also, the subject used in the study was mice because apart from it is one of the experimental animals, its systems are closed to humans”, he added.

 His study found out that “the methanolic moringa oleifera leaf extract protected the liver and the kidneys of the experimental mice from radiation induced cellular  injuries”. In other words, the moringa oleifera extract, in terms of medicinal value, can be utilized to develop a supplement protecting humans from radiation related injuries.

 He further shared his experience after a year in conducting the research to be financially challenging yet fulfilling in the end. He wanted to dedicate this remarkable achievement to God, his research adviser, charitable research sponsors, and Liceo U community for the unwavering support.

 The College of Radiologic Technology, during his time as dean, received Level II Accreditation from PACUCUOA and the first in the Philippines to be granted Center of Development in Radiologic Technology by the Commission on Higher Education.

 From Liceo U to the World, congratulations Dr. Edzen A. Espina!