Licean bags outstanding’ award

March 21, 2015

By: Lancer M. Asino

Licean-bags-outstanding’-awardGlenn Kirby German, a senior political science student, was declared as one of the Most Outstanding Political Science Students of the Philippines” on February 14, during the PSSAP convention in Cebu City.
The award is given to the Top-10 applicants from different colleges and universities in the entire country who passed the extensive screening processes.

After the applicants submitted portfolios of their academic and non-academic achievements for evaluation, the top-15 applicants underwent a personal interview with the panel of judges.

During the interview, Mr. German said that he is very proud not just for himself but also for Liceo U because the University has molded him into a competitive individual and that the pride for his award does not reflect on him alone but on the University as well.

A university scholar, an active campus leader, and a consistent honor student, he added that he will always be thankful to the College of Arts and Sciences for supporting him throughout his journey in attaining the award.