LDCU’s Very Own LET Top Notcher, Nikki Tamisan Lungay

December 19, 2016

December 17, 2016, the most awaited day of the year for our fellow LET takers, now LET Passers, to have finally taken their oath in this University as licensed teachers.


The effort of studying hard  and burning the midnight candle alongside with  many distractions have finally paid off. Seeing these fellow educators’ commitment and sincerity have proven their worth and deserve recognition and fame.

Fellow Liceans, let us welcome them all with full support. It is exciting to know that our country will be filled with another set of passionate individuals who are eager in joining us in this noble vocation of teaching.

Now, we are proud to share that OUR fellow maroon blooded Licean, Nikki Tamisan Lungay an A.B International Studies graduate is the highlight of another milestone of this University. He ranked as number 10 in the Licensure Examination for Teachers Board Exam in September 2016.

Making the event extra special like a cherry on top of the cake is a victory party prepared by the College of Teacher Education family, headed by no less Dr. Ma. Fe D. Opina. The occasion was dedicated to our very own CTE LET passers and most of all accorded to our 10th Placer who brought honor and recognition to his family and friends and most of all to this University.




With the fellow Licean LET passers, College Of Teacher Education Family and the rest of the LDCU community, we applaud your accomplishment and wish you a good start to a happy and fulfilling teaching career. You are set to make a mark in your future of this field of education.

This great news thrilled all of us and we are so proud of you, our very own Nikki Tamisan Lungay!

 Once again, Congratulations! and a High Five to all LET Passers and together we DREAM BIG!