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General Requirements
  1. A student seeking admission to any program in the School of Graduate Studies shall take the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is administered by the Guidance and Testing Center of the University.
  2. He/She shall fill out an application form and submit this with the Transcript of Records (original and photocopy), Honorable Dismissal, and DECS/CHED Special Order of Graduation. A BS/AB Transcript of Records is required for the Masters program; a Transcript of Records of the Master's degree for admission to the Doctoral program.
  3. Only those who graduated from reputable schools and who have a general average of 85 percent (B or 2.0) in the undergraduate program shall be considered for admission on a regular status for the masterÂ’s programs. Those with a lower average may be admitted on a probationary status.
  4. Students who graduated from schools outside the Philippines are required to present their credentials (Original Transcript of Records) to the dean.
  5. Applicants whose bachelorÂ’s degree are not aligned with the Master's degree program applied for should earn at least 12 units of major undergraduate courses in the field of specialization, subject to the approval of the dean before proceeding to graduate work. (b) Those seeking admission to a doctoral program should have a minimum of 24 units in their fields of specialization in the masterÂ’s level equivalent to 9 units of core subjects and 15 units of major subjects. Excess units in the masterÂ’s program are not automatically credited for the doctoral program.
  6. Transferring from one study program to another is discouraged. However, the student may formally write the dean for a reevaluation of his/her records.
  7. Transfer credits may be allowed at the discretion of the dean. Normally, a maximum of 12 units may be granted for this purpose.
  8. Public school teachers/government employees who enroll for the first time in the school of Graduate Studies are required to submit a Permit-to-Study from their respective schools/offices.
  9. Some programs may need special admission requirements in addition to the basic ones.
Foreign Students
  1. Foreign students may enroll in the school of Graduate Studies upon the submission of a Permit-to-Study from CHED and upon compliance with the immigration rules.
  2. Foreign students whose native language is not English and/or whose undergraduate medium of instruction was in a language other than English are required either to take an English proficiency test as a prerequisite for admission or to enroll in a special class in English for second language learners.

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