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College of Arts and Sciences
The College of Arts and Sciences is at the very heart of the University's undergraduate education. As a service unit both within and outside the college, it provides the students the basic learning competencies crucial to the effective and efficient performance of their respective fields of specialization. It serves as a strong foundation for a well-rounded personality that enables them to function competently in the multifarious careers and technologies of the modem times.

Offering a core of general courses, the programs of the college are compartmentalized into five (5) departments under which are the following divisions: (1) Languages Department (English, Filipino, and Mass Communication), (2) Mathematics Department, (3) Natural Sciences Department (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), (4) Social Sciences Department (Economics, Human Resource Development, International Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology), and (5) Tourism Department (Hotel and Restaurant Management).

Consistent with the University's vision of TOTAL HUMAN FORMATION through its mission: Delivery of Quality Education via institutional accreditation, research excellence, and relevant community extension projects, guided by the values of discipline, loyalty, integrity, excellence, and scholarship, the college is committed to develop creative and responsible individuals for a changing society.

General Objectives

Develop creative and responsible individuals for a changing society.

Specific Objectives
  1. Integrate in all curricular and co-curricular programs the values and skills of self-awareness and human relations.
  2. Develop strong support and cooperation from the faculty members for academic competency and excellence.
  3. Promote critical thinking as well as the values of creativity and responsibility for a more in-depth understanding of the changing society.
  4. Encourage community-based research studies for instructional innovations and social development.
  5. Impart our potentials, abilities, and resources through self-reliance activities in our community extension programs.
  6. Establish close interaction between the college and the industries for research, training, job placements, and other support programs.

To provide for and/or enhance in the students communicative skills through a generative study of select literary pieces in English to prepare them to become competent teachers of the language. Likewise, these communicative skills hone them to be multi-faceted, thereby, making them promisingly effecient in other fields as broadcasters, researchers, human relation officers, literary writers, among others.

To make students appreciate and recognize the human potentials as vital resources which must be developed to make the human being productive and responsive to the demands of the modern world.

To enhance the students' keen awareness and skill in constructive judgement on the general social problems and issues especially those, which are relevant to the Philippine society and to their own lives, and to provide them with a multi-disciplinary scientific perspective by which these problems and issues are discussed and analyzed.

To provide the students with approachess in developing techniques and strategies in the field of communication industries with emphasis on journalism, broadcasting and advertising, and to let them recognize the need of these disciplines in the rapid growth of communication technology.

To provide the students with the skills that will enable them to determine the intricacies of nation-state relationship brought about by their own interests, and to orient the students on the social, cultural, economic, and political issues that confront the world and the international community, thus, helping them realize their roles as citizens of the country and the world.

To help the students understand the manner in which one develops a "self or "become human" and to enable them to become familiar with the processes used in social interaction that would broaden their perspective on the goals and ideals, which influence the behavior of people.

To deliver to the students the basic knowledge and understanding of the state and the government, and of the principles and ideas which underlie in the organization and their activities.

To enable the students to acquire the concepts and principles that they can use to unravel the complexities of human behavior.

To provide the students with the necessary information on the ancestral and present life forms with a foresight of maintaining the integrity of the ecosystem for future generations.

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