Faculty & Staff

Liceo de Cagayan University considers the quality of her faculty central to the success of all her academic undertakings. To ensure prime instruction in all disciplines, the university engages the services of faculty of diverse and substantial experience in their respective field. The faculty possesses strong academic background obtained from highly reputable institutions in the country, demonstrates mastery of the teaching area, has a proven track record in the field, and is committed to excellence in teaching and service. The vast majority of the full-time faculty hold a master’s degree appropriate for their field. Those who hold the rank of professor are regionally and nationally recognized and respected for their contribution to their field through research and services.

The university faculty is dedicated to a full range of academic responsibilities: teaching, research, and service. The faculty’s various commitments, which reflect the faculty’s versatility, establish and maintain the excellence of the university and fulfill the university’s educational and social roles.