Excellently Bridging the Gap

August 13, 2014
Engr Manuel Orbeta with  Ellena Reyes
Engr. Manuel Orbeta with Ellena Reyes, graduate student, registering for the web portal

The School of Graduate Studies caters to more than 300 graduate students who come not only from Cagayan de Oro but also from other regions in Mindanao. Liceo U has proven to the world that it has diversified educational programs that prepare its students for the changing demands of their respective professions. To achieve its mission, vision, goals, and objectives, Liceo U provides its graduate students with a pool of innovative, highly competent and dynamic professors and modern instructional facilities.

In this age of information, Liceo U’s graduate school seizes the advantages of information technology, one of which is the nurturing of a sense of community through social media. Early this academic year, the graduate school collaborated with the Student Body Organization in putting up an exclusive portal for the graduate students. This portal is designed to address the needs of the growing population of the Graduate Studies community. Quoting the words of the SBO president, the portal will bring the members of the community “closer to one another”.

Launched on November 16, 2013, during the SGS acquaintance party at N Hotel, “the portal has two main purposes, according to Engr. Manuel Orbeta, the portal developer. First is to bridge the physical distance between students and professors. Second is to create a venue for professor-student interaction or communication. The portal can be accessed anytime and anywhere. It has the same features of popular social media sites, making it less complicated to use. All one has to do is to visit the portal site (sgspeer.liceo.edu.ph), sign in, and explore freely the portal.

What makes this portal different form the popular social media sites? According to Engr. Orbeta, information shared in popular sites may be viewed by the public and is not screened or filtered. However, the graduate portal offers privacy and the administrators monitor the activities. Information comes from the School of Graduate Studies, hence making it easy for the members to access information.

The registration period for the web portal account is open only during the enrollment period. To register, one has to present his or her valid ID or white form to the Liceo Net Office.