CBA trains new Student Leaders

June 18, 2015

With more than 80 student leaders coming from the different sub-organizations of the College of Business and Accountancy, the college’s Student Body Organization successfully organized this year’s “CBA-SBO Leadership Seminar and Teambuilding 2015”. The event took place last June 15, 2015 at Word of Life Bible Camp Seaside in Barra, Opol, Misamis Oriental. The elected sub-org officers attended the whole-day event which had two major parts, the leadership seminar and teambuilding activities.

This annual activity of the komersyantes aims to build good relationship among all the student leaders of CBA and to regain the values and principles of good leadership.

The participants of the said event had a short bible study first with the in-house pastor of Bible Camp, followed by a series of leadership talks with guest speakers, Mr. Philip Loui Dagoc and Mrs. Ana Maria Cortes, who are both instructors of CBA. They presented topics regarding the steps and tips on how to conceptualize/organize big events. Sidelight to the discussion was a tutorial on how to use computer applications to immediately present financial statements after having an event done.

The student leaders, altogether, had a boodle fight for lunch which made the event more exciting. Eating with bare hands together with the organizers made a special bond among all of the participants.

Meanwhile, the second half of the event was more on the physical and mental games which challenged the 6 competing teams whose members are from the different sub-orgs. Amazing Race, Human Centipede, and Big ball Volleyball are the highlights of the teambuilding activity. Emerging as overall champions are the members of team number 4, also known as, GROUP CRAYONS, who bagged all the minor and major awards.

This year’s leadership seminar and teambuilding of the College of Business and Accountancy, spearheaded by Atty. Leo Paolo Perez, was made possible through the efforts of all its SBO Officers and SBO Adviser, Mrs. Rosalita M. Arrabis.