Alumni AssociationElects |New Board of Directors

March 21, 2015

By Melvin Oliveros Jr.

The Liceo de Cagayan University Alumni Association (LDCU-AA) has elected a new set of officers last March 19, 2015. They will compose the board of directors who will serve until February 2017.

The newly-elected officers of the board are as follows:

President: Mr. Michael Villamor
Vice President – Internal: Mr. Anthony Brilleta
Vice President – External: Ms. Mafel Gatchalian
Secretary: Dr. Elizabeth Lagrito
Asst. Secretary: Mr. Melvin Oliveros Jr.
Treasurer: Mr. Rey Mabaylan
Asst. Treasurer: Ms. Judith Miñoza
Auditor: Mr. Edwin de los Santos
Press Relations Officers: Mr. Carlito Hembrador
Mr. Edzen Espina
Board Members: Dr. Florante Sabasaje
Col. Rogelio Mesias
Ms. Shiela Ilagan
Mr. Anshari Mangondato
Mr. Ruvil Neri

With the officers in place, the association is gearing up to develop a road map,anchored on its vision, mission and goals and consistent to that of the University.

The officers appeal for support from each alumnus and alumna who know by heart that “Dear Alma Mater, we are yours! Striving for life’s glorious den. Joy and success we are seeking. Hoping to conquer and win.”

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