A. Athletic scholarship shall be granted to deserving students after having qualified in the various varsity teams / events. They shall enjoy either full or half tuition scholarships on a semestral basis.

B. As an avenue of students to develop their writing skills / prowess thru the publication of school paper, the Editor-in-chief and Associate Editor of the school organ shall enjoy either full or half free tuition for one semester.

C. Members of the Liceo Folkloric Dance Troupe, Rondalla, G-Clef Musical Society,  Rodelsa Repertory, OCPA, Drum and Bugle Corp, and Band (members with their own instruments), Technical Assistants, Campus Aide, Student Police Guard, shall enjoy either full or half tuition scholarship for one semester.

D. Student Assistance Programs (SAP)

In deep awareness of the economic difficulties experienced by parents in sustaining the education of their children on one hand, and the desire of the school administration to provide efficient and extra service to her students on the other, the Liceo de Cagayan University, under the supervision of the Student Personnel Services Office, offers the Student Assistance Program (SAP)
  1. All applicants of the Student Assistance Program are required to submit to the SPS Office the following:
    • Application Letter
    • Copy of parent’s latest Income Tax Return or Certificate of Tax exemption
    • Medical Certificate
    • Student report card (Form 138) for incoming first year students
    • Parent’s consent
  2. The applicant must pass the intelligence quotient (IQ) and the personal interview by the SPS Director
E. State Scholarship Grants
  • National Integrated Study Program
  • Selected Ethnic Group Educational Assistance Program
  • TEIJIN – Limited Scholarship Program for Engineering and Technical Courses
F. Private Educational Student Financial Assistance Program

G. Study Now Pay Later Plan

H. Tuition Fee Benefits and Discount based on Blood Relation
  1. All Family members, regardless of the number of students enrolled, shall enjoy a fifty percent (50%) discount.
  2. Those members of the Gopel Group of Companies shall enjoy forty percent (40%) discount.
  3. For outsiders, the following shall apply:
No. of Student Discount
One (1) None
Two (2) 15% on the 2nd Student
Three (3) 30% on the 3rd Student
Four (4) 100% on the 4th Student
Five (5) 30% on the 4th and 100% on the 5th Student
Six (6) 100% from the 5th to the last Student, Four (4) Students
will pay in full

The discounts shall apply to the student(s) with the lowest assessment and shall be without prejudice to other discounts due to early full payments and other grants or privileges due to academic or working scholarship.

I. Multiple Scholarship

In cases where a student enjoys both academic and non-academic scholarship grants, the student shall avail of the grant that gives the biggest benefit, not both. Scholarships offered by outside organizations maybe availed of in addition to either academic or non-academic scholarship subject to the rules and limitations of such outside grants.

The screening of the prospective scholars under this category shall be done one week before the enrollment period or earlier but not later than one week before the start of regular classes.

The guidelines for the admission, retention and disqualification of scholars under this category are on file at the SPS Office.