The College of Physical Therapy envisions itself as a leading institution dedicated to academic excellence as demonstrated through the delivery of quality education and national recognition along the field of Physical Therapy.

The College of Physical Therapy commits itself to produce globally competent physical therapists who can personify national identify, intellectual pursuit, cultural consciousness, and moral integrity.

To achieve all these, the students must possess the following:

  • skills to integrate the physical therapy profession as a vital component of the health care system;
  • knowledge and skills needed in examination, evaluation, and planning of effective physical therapy interventions;
  • clinical skills in decision-making process;
  • professional and ethical skills to ensure the well-being of patients;
  • compassion and dedication in rendering service to persons who are physically challenged;
  • habits that will foster lifelong personal and professional growth;
  • leadership skills in programs for physical therapy education, clinical practice, and experience; and
  • desire to involve in community-based programs.