Bachelor of Science major in Pharmacy


The College of Pharmacy program is a four year bachelors degree program with an updated, dynamic curriculum in pharmaceutical science, professional training for competency skills, development, and relevant pharmaceutical researches.

Pharmacy is the health profession that concerns with the knowledge system that results in the discovery, development, production, distribution and use of drugs.

Goals and Objectives

The graduates are expected to lead in a professional pharmacist way of life that is centered to serve God, Country, and Humanity. They shall be equipped with the core values, knowledge, skills, and competencies in:
Helping develop drugs for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of diseases of man and animals;
Compounding, manufacturing, storing and dispensing of drugs, to achieve positive health outcomes within realistic economic expenditures;
Providing pharmaceutical care services, through effective and safe use of medications that are valued by the health care system;
Providing public education services with safe drug information and counseling;
Conducting relevant and useful pharmaceutical researches and adapting advanced health care technology which will improve and optimize health-related quality of life; and
Advocating professional, ethical pharmacy practices through networking with other pharmaceutical organizations to promote professional growth.
Core Values

The College of Pharmacy – Liceo de Cagayan University upholds and adheres to the following core values:


Pharmacy education with multi-disciplinary and scientific knowledge and skills development.
Professional training and exposure in community, hospital and manufacturing areas of pharmaceutical internship.
Academic environment with committed and competent professors using quality instructional facilities.

Quality academic standards with recognition and awards for student’s achievement.
Student – centered value formation which will help the students develop their skills, competence and love of serving people.
Involvement in relevant pharmaceutical researches and studies.

Community drug information dissemination and counseling services.
Drug abuse prevention and public health campaign in schools and out of school youth organization.
Public education campaign program for recognition and safe use of indigenous herbal pharmaceutical products.
Course Offered:

Bachelor of Science major in Pharmacy
Is an interdisciplinary, multi-faceted four year course, composed of general courses and professional pharmacy courses.
The courses are arranged and distributed form first to fourth year level with two semester in one year level.