The College of Pharmacy envisions itself to produce globally competitive and professional pharmacists imbued with the Filipino and Licean values in delivering quality service, promoting excellence, observing discipline, and advocating community pharmaceutical health care system.

The College of Pharmacy commits itself to produce professional, competent, responsible, and skilled pharmacists that secure the appropriate use of medicines and devices, deliver pharmaceutical care services, and facilitate optimal therapeutic outcomes through committed teachers and relevant curriculum, thereby improving the health and the quality of life of the society.

To achieve all these, the students must possess the following:

  • knowledge in compounding, manufacturing, storing and dispensing drugs for prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and cure of human and animal diseases;
  • skills in pharmaceutical care services through effective and safe medications that are valued by the health care system;
  • competence in public education services with safe drug information and counseling;
  • advocacy in conducting relevant and useful pharmaceutical researches and adapting advanced health care technology which will improve and optimize health-related quality of life; and
  • professional and ethical skills in their pharmacy practices through networking.


Dr. Mercideta Delos Santos Aquino