The College of Nursing envisions itself as the topmost institution of choice for producing globally competent nursing professionals imbued with Licean core values and virtues.

The College of Nursing commits itself to produce highly skilled nurse practitioners through quality instruction, research, and community development programs that are ever congruent with the changing times.

To achieve all these, the students must possess the following:

  • ability to perform safe, quality, and holistic care to individuals, families, population groups, and communities;
  • caring behaviors of compassion, commitment, confidence, competence, conscientiousness, creativity ,and comportment;
  • professionalism in accordance with legal, ethical, and moral principles;
  • communicative skills that are culturally appropriate;
  • managerial and leadership skills to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of care to the clients;
  • ability to apply principles of evidence–based practice in the delivery of care; and
  • continual passion for and engagement in lifelong learning .
Judith Tan Dalman, PhD, RN
Charito G. Gerong, MN, RN
Academic Chairperson
Emma M. Dejarme, MAN, RN
Related Learning Experience Chairperson