To be a highly competitive and a lead institution in Mindanao providing quality Engineering Education and leadership in research, development, and application of technology for the advancement and well-being of the society in the Licean way.

The College of Engineering of Liceo de Cagayan University is committed to provide students with multidisciplinary curriculum that is fundamental, yet broad, adaptable, and flexible; and to produce graduates who are:

  • proficient in mathematics, scientific, and technical knowledge;
  • have had meaningful opportunities for research;
  • have the ability to analyze, evaluate, and design engineering systems;
  • have the ability to communicate effectively; and
  • have acquired an understanding and appreciation for global and societal issues.

Specific Objectives:

The Engineering curriculum aims to produce highly competent professional engineers who are:

  1. Proficient in the application of the principles of engineering sciences and mathematics in order to design solutions for a wide variety of engineering problems.
  2. Able to communicate effectively engineering designs and solutions in written, oral, graphic, or any appropriate tool.
  3. Equipped with relevant education and practical training necessary to begin a successful career in industrial and private engineering practice or in pursuit of higher engineering education
  4. Able to adapt to emerging trends in engineering and the use of modern approaches in solving complex engineering problems in the actual work environment.
  5. Committed to continuing personal and professional growth.
  6. Responsible practitioners that have full understanding of the ethical and moral dimension of the profession for good leadership in engineering practice and in the community that they serve.


Engr. Ian Kit Nehemiah Dap-og
Engr. Nestor Ybañez
Chairman, Civil Engineering / Industrial Engineering Department (CE/IE)
Engr. Thomas Marmi Hambre
Chairman, Electrical Engineering / Computer Hardware Servicing Department (EE/CHS)
Dr. Alice Comahig
Chairman, Electronics Engineering / Computer Engineering Department (ECE/CpE)