The Liceo de Cagayan College of Business and Accountancy strives to be recognized as one of the top business schools in Mindanao as judged by the quality of our instruction, research, and service contributions to the business, academe, government and community.

The mission of the College of Business and Accountancy is to provide an environment in which the creation, integration, dissemination, and application of business knowledge can flourish.

General Objectives
The College of Business and Accountancy motivates, molds and prepares the youth for positions of leadership in business and government, in the local, national, and international communities. Basic skills and techniques needed for our graduates to assume productive roles are emphasized as well as the capacity for continued learning.

The ultimate goal is to produce men and women who possess the skills, problem-solving tools and professionalism essential to the conduct of business, both nationally and internationally.

The College is also committed to instill a sense of responsibility on the part of each individual for the upliftment of the quality of life in the community where he or she lives and works.

To achieve all these, the students must possess the following:

  • knowledge and competence in the fields of accountancy, hospitality management, business administration, and accounting technology;
  • leadership skills in business and government‒be it local, national, or international;
  • business skills and techniques to enable them to assume productive roles and pursue higher learning; and
  • sense of responsibility in each individual to uplift the quality of life.

Dr. Felsa A. Labis