The College of Law is a department of Liceo de Cagayan University which was founded by the late Atty. and Mrs. Rodolfo N. Pelaez and was formally opened on February 4, 1955, in answer to public demand. Since then it started to produce young lawyers imbued with professional competence who later turned out to be among the leading luminaries in the city until it was temporarily closed in 1975. It was however reopened in 1993. It produced its first batch of lawyers in 1997, placing fourth in passing average among the seventy law schools throughout the country. From then on, it has continued to turn out lawyers.

The College of Law envisions itself as a premier law school in the country distinguished for its academic quality.

The College of Law commits itself to deliver quality legal education that instills a strong ethic of service and moral responsibility toward the protection and promotion of justice through a well-integrated program of instruction that links skills and knowledge, applies theory to practice, respects, and engages diverse points of view and experiences.


  • To impart to the law students a broad knowledge of law and its various fields of legal institutions.
  • To develop the students’ ability to search for the law and to analyze, articulate and apply it effectively as well as to enable them to gain a total approach to legal problems and issues.
  • To prepare the students for advocacy, counseling and decision-making and their ability to deal with recognized legal problems of the present as well as the ancipated problems of the future.
  • To develop students’ desire and capacity for continuing study and self-improvement.
  • To inculcate to the students the ethics and responsibilities of the legal profession.
  • To produce lawyers who pursue the lofty goals of their profession conscientiously and adhere to its ethical norms faithfully.


Atty. Carlo Antonio Almirante