Post Graduate

Doctor in Management

Leadership and Organization (DM-LO) – The program aims to prepare graduates to become executives, leaders, managers, and professionals who can deliver strategic and creative solutions and influence change in an organization and the profession.

Health Care Management (DM-HCM) –  The program is designed to equip the graduates with leadership, advanced knowledge in health care and financial management skills necessary in responding to the complex health care environment, through strategic planning and assessment, skills that would impact on the delivery of essential health care services and ensuring the stakeholder participation focused on excellent organizational health care performance.

Human Resource Management (DM-HRM) – The program prepares the graduate students with human resource management skills as leaders and managers in a complex and global business environment equipped with 21st century technologies to contribute to the achievement of their organizational goals and profession.

Doctor of Education

Leadership and Management (EdD-LM) – The program will prepare practitioner-learners to become transformational leaders who will strategically lead complex educational organizations. Graduates will be educational practitioners who demonstrate analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of educational institutions.

Early Childhood Education (EdD-ECE) – The program prepares students in schools, child care center and corporate training. Courses explore current trends and studies and development-oriented curriculum design and instruction for the education of young children.