The School of Graduate Studies envisions itself as a leading professional school in producing a pool of innovative, competent, and dynamic manpower for the development of Mindanao and the Asia Pacific Region.


The School of Graduate Studies commits itself to produce efficient and effective leaders and managers who are imbued with the ideals of service and passion for excellence and have the capability to create or discover new knowledge.

To achieve all these, the students must possess the following:

  • cognitive competence and praxis-translating ideas into action: in their chosen fields of specialization; in research; and in the communication of research;
  • informed understanding of organizational phenomena, and, at the same time, desirable Filipino cultural values;
  • awareness of societal needs, and engagement in community-related projects as a vehicle for developing critical awareness of issues confronting Filipino society;
  • creative and productive skills to engage in diverse organizational cultures.; and
  • expertise in employing technologies to meet long-term manpower demands and uplift the lives of disadvantaged groups including the urban poor.