Graduate Degrees


Master in Management (Thesis/Non-Thesis Program)

Business Management (MM-BM) – The program aims to develop an entrepreneur in the skills of 21st century quality management anchored on business knowledge, analytical and strategic thinking skills, financial, marketing and production management.

Environmental Planning Management (MM-EPM) – The program aims to develop an environmental planning manager in transforming an ecological environment guided by the environmental and quality management systems.

Human Resource Management (MM-HRM) – The program aims to equip students with broad foundation on human capital management. The program is designed to develop passionate global Human Resource leaders with specialized skills that today’s businesses and other organizations need most.

Instructional System Management (MM-ISM) – The program is relatively new specialization which draws from the social and behavioural sciences. It responds to the need for professional trainers – as either effective classroom teachers or corporate staff developers.

Management Engineering (MM-ME) – The program aims to prepare engineers with career advancement in managing areas in engineering, design, research and development projects.

Public Management (MM-PM) – The program equips students with conceptual and technical skills to dutifully manage public entities in the service of their respective stakeholders.

Master of Arts in Nursing/ Master in Nursing

Community Health Nursing – The program is designed to introduce theories and concepts on community development necessary for professional nurse to become a competent leader in the management of community-based, preparatory and gender-responsive community health programs to empower its constituents for the achievement of quality of life.

Maternal and Child Nursing – The program focuses on the role of the nurse in advanced nursing practice in the care of maternal and paediatrics clients in complex integrated health care delivery


Medical Surgical Nursing – The program focuses on the application of the nursing process in the care of the adult patient manifesting medical-surgical conditions along the health-illness continuum in a variety of clinical settings. This program emphasizes the advanced clinical nursing management of disease process particularly on oxygen, metabolism, fluid and electrolytes, cellular aberration, perception and coordination and immunologic system across the lifespan.

Nursing Administration Service – The program in nursing administration develops a professional nurse as a nurse administrator who managed care and other health related organizations to meet complex rapidly evolving challenges in the delivery of health care. The core courses provide a foundation in research, use of technology, health promotion and curriculum development in nursing education. This knowledge is enhanced with cognates in teaching strategies in nursing, human resource management and executive management. Each major specialty is designed to include leadership and management, executive practice, motivation theories and accountability roles.

Psychiatric Nursing – The program prepares graduates with psychiatric-mental health care at an advanced level in the management of psychiatric and mental health disorders through promotion and prevention of illness, management of medication, and psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals, groups, and families. Graduates will utilize researches to improve patient care. Graduates are also prepared to work in patient and community based psychiatric/mental health settings, and may work in a variety of health care settings providing psychiatric-mental health care and consultation.

Master of Arts in Education

Early Childhood Education – The program is designed to prepare teachers to design, implement, and evaluate developmentally appropriate learning experiences for young children. The course work in this program specifically includes among others child psychology, classroom management, early childhood learning environment, family engagement, and strategies for eliminating achievements gaps.


English Language Teaching (MAEd – ELT) – The program is designed to give the English teachers in particular, the opportunity to be exposed to the different trends and techniques in English Language teaching. Likewise it also provides the students the chance to update themselves with the latest trends and techniques in English language teaching that they could really employ in their classrooms.


General Science (MAEd – Gen Sci) – The program is designed to prepare individuals to teach general science or a combination of the biological and physical science courses at the graduate educational level and enhance the skills helpful in teaching science and technology. It also provides advanced conceptual and philosophical bases of modern social sciences.

Health Personnel Education (MAEd – HPE) – The program is designed to address the need for competent, caring and socially conscious health care instructors. Thus the program is designed to develop and enhance the curriculum and instruction repertoire.  Focus is given to the study of curricular planning and development with an integration of technology, assessment and evaluation practices, strategies for effective classroom instruction for a variety of learners and critical issues within the field of education. Employment opportunities include instructors in medical/healthcare classes, clinical and basic epidemiologist training.

Mathematics (MAEd – Math) – The program is meant to enhance the Mathematics skills of those having interest in this field by delving more deeply the pedagogy of pure and applied mathematics. Specifically, this program endeavours to provide well-rounded mathematical training for a career of research and teaching in mathematics, as well as for the other careers which utilize advanced mathematics in substantial ways. This is to increase the basic knowledge about mathematical relationships and formulate new laws of mathematics.


Organization and Management (MAEd – OM) – The program provides a professional, values-centered education to leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and individual contributors who can more effectively work with and through people to accomplish organizational goals.

The program prepares graduates who assist educational organizations in achieving their mission by promoting skilled leaderships, effective team work, and a comprehensive systems understanding of the work of organizations and their relationship to a larger environment.

Through a combination of classroom and field-based activities, the program provides both theory and practical knowledge, grounded on experience that graduates can apply in education, and non-profit settings. Private and public sector perspectives are studied to arrive at a synergy of informed knowledge and understanding. The core values of Liceo de Cagayan University, which are excellence, integrity, loyalty, discipline, community service and life-long learning, underpin theory and praxis.

Social Sciences Teaching (MAed – Soc Sci) -) The program focuses on the general study of human social behaviour and social institutions using the methodologies common to modern society and an undifferentiated program of study which allows teachers and researchers to participate in advanced studies and related pedagogies.


Special Education (MAEd – SPEd) – The program is designed to prepare highly qualified teachers, educators, researches and leaders in the field of special education by providing them graduate level contents and pedagogies. The program aims to refine competencies for professional educators, foe them to meet the demands of learners with special needs in a variety of school environments, public and private, urban and suburban.


Sports and Physical Education MAEd – SPE) – The program is intended to provide individuals the expertise needed for multi-faceted sports careers in the fields of facilities management, information technology, front office administration and community recreation. The program provides the knowledge and development of skills though coursework and mentorship expertise within the sports industry, and leadership and management skills related to athletic programs at the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels.

Master of Business Administration (Thesis/Non-Thesis Program)

– The program aims to produce graduates who are globally responsible business leaders in a complex and dynamic management environment.


Master of Music 

-The program is designed for music graduates and educators, who wish to enhance their teaching skills, deepen their knowledge and pursue broader perspectives of teaching and learning in music. It will also prepare educators for teaching music under the K to 12 curriculum.


Master of Science in Information Technology

This degree program aims to develop managers who can work on information technology management in organizations and institutions. The graduate will possess the decision making skills to effectively utilize information technology various organizational operations aimed at improving productivity.