The University Seal



The School Seal represents the Institutional culture of the university. The different elements and the significance of each are as follows:

  •  The Balance Scale is a universal symbol of Justice. It represents the first academic program offering of the Liceo which was the College of Law and reflects the paradigm that justice and fairness is of paramount significance in interpersonal relationships within the University
  • The open Book symbolizes the Book of Knowledge and our quest for it as well as the teaching-learning activity and all other such related activities which are the primary concerns of the University.
  • The two branches of the Laurel Leaves stand for Victory to which every Licean must aspire to achieve in all the challenges that confront him.
  • The Latin motto NIL SINE NUMINE translate to “Nothing without Divine Will” which motto was adopted by the University’s Founders subscribing to the Catholic tenet of the Faith in Divine Province.
  • The Roman Numerals MCMLV is indicative of the University Foundation Year, 1955.